International Biennial of Decorative Arts, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova - 2022


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Under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova


Union of Artists of the Republic of Moldova

Decorative Art Section of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Moldova



FIVE PLUS ART GALLERY (Valentin-Norbert Taruș)



From october 13 to october 30, 2022 at the Constantin Brancusi Exhibition Center Union of Artists of the Republic of Moldova will take place the 6th edition of The International Biennial of Decorative Arts, bld. Stefan cel Mare si Sfânt, 3, Chisinau.



-The promotion of contemporary decorative art, highlighting the creative potential of the artists in the field.

-Reflecting the artistic processes and stylistic trends of art genres in the field of applied decorative arts in recent years.

-Presentation of a wide spectrum of expressive and aesthetic approaches, visual expressions in techniques specific to decorative arts: tapestry, textile print, textile collage, mixed techniques, fashion design, interior design, artistic processing of leather, decorative artistic forms in metal, wood, artistic glass, artistic ceramics, artistic jewelry, author's techniques.

-Ensuring a favorable space for meeting and dialogue between professional artists, the young generation of artists, admirers and followers of decorative arts, mass media.

-Establishing creative connections between visual artists, young graduates of art universities, creating a professional platform for the promotion and capitalization of their debut/beginning works.

-Creating opportunities for exposure and communication between artists, for communication with the public interested in art.



- The contest is open for national and international artists engaged in decorative arts.

- Professional visual artists - members of the Union of Artists from the Republic of Moldova and Romania, professional visual artists from abroad, young creators and graduates of art universities are invited to participate (Bachelor's and Master's theses will not be admitted).

- Only artworks that have not been awarded in other art competitions are accepted.

Each visual artist can register with a maximum of two titles of works, made in the last two years (2020-2022).

- Applicants state on their own responsibility that he/she is the solely owner of the works, according to Annex 1, which will serve as the Contract between the parties.

-Through the registration form, the authors give their consent for the use of the materials sent for the purpose of promoting the exhibition.

-Submitted works must be technically and aesthetically proficient. Contestants are free to choose a subject matter of their preference.



- Deadline for registration (Annex 1) – August 31, 2022

- Preliminary selection results will be delivered via e-mail until –  September 5th, 2022

- Delivery of the works to the exhibition galery – until September 25th, 2022

- Exhibition – October 13 to October 30, 2022

- Official opening – October 13, 2022

- Delivery of the works back to authors  – November 3-30, 2022

- All the timelines listed in this regulation is just for reference, so the timeframe depends on the actual developments of the project. The Organizing Committee will inform all the selected artists if there is some change that asks for your cooperation.



- The participation forms can be downloaded from the website of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Moldova www.arta.md or https://www.facebook.com/uapmoldova

- Online registration until August 31, 2022 by e-mail, at the address ad.uap.md@gmail.com  or by post: C. Brâncusi Exhibition Center of the Union of Artist of RM, 3 Ştefan cel Mare si Sfânt, Chişinău, MD-2001 and contains the following 4 attachments:

  1. Participation form (Appendix 1)
  2. Color photos of the participating works in jpg format (300dpi/inch), which will carry the data in this order: name of the author, name of the work, creation year, dimensions and technique. The quality of the submitted images may influence the outcome of the judging.
  3. Photo of the author in jpg format, minimum resolution 3 megapixels, for the catalogue. The photo will bear the author's name.
  4. In the form, the agreement or disagreement for the entry of personal data in the catalog must be entered, according to the attached example.

- The materials sent for registration will not be returned, they will enter the archive of the exhibition organizers.


- The selection will be carried out by an evaluation jury made up of experts in the field on September 1-5, 2022 based on the sent forms.

- The result of the preselection will be communicated to the authors by e-mail or phone on September 5, 2022.

-  The works accepted in the selection should be sent to the organizers by post or by other means, or submitted in person between September 5 and 25 at the headquarters of the Exhibition Center C. Brâncuşi, bd. Ştefan cel Mare si Sfânt, 3, Chişinău, MD-2001.

- The commission's decisions are not contested.

- Participants will bear the taxes and round-trip transport expenses.

-  The works must be labeled: On the back of the work, the identification data will be written: name, first name of the artist, title of the work, dimensions, technique, year of execution, phone number/contact or e-mail address;

 - Works must be provided with holding systems for display.

- Three-dimensional works will have stable contact on the surface and will not require additional support. Only reusable packaging materials will be used.

Authors are admitted to the exhibition who:

They received an official invitation from the organizers with the indication of the titles/title of the works (work) that passed the selection phase. They delivered the works selected by the organizers on time.

General provisions:

The organizing committee undertakes the following:

Organization of the exhibition with the works selected following the judging.

Correct information on the exhibition calendar.

The safety of the works from the moment they are received.

Promotion of the exhibition at local, national and international level.

The official opening of the exhibition.

Prizes, Mentions, Participation Diplomas will be awarded during the Exhibition.

The jury will be made up of experts and art critics in the field of decorative art. The results of the judging can be viewed on the web page of the Union of Artists from Moldova www.arta.md

During the entire period of the exhibition, participants cannot withdraw their works.

The organizers are not responsible for damage or loss of works during transport; Artists can insure their works individually.

The organizers reserve the right to present, use, publicize the art works on TV shows, radio, in the press, internet, brochures, catalogues, video content, on movies and on different media means.

To use the personal data of the artist transmitted to the organizers of the International Biennale of Applied Decorative Art, Chisinau 2022

 The organizers edit a Catalog of the International Biennale of Decorative Art, Chisinau 2022 with the presentation of each participant, according to the data provided in the registration form of one of the works accompanied by the data of the label, the selection of the work for the catalog remains at the discretion of the working group for editing the catalog.

All participating artists will receive a catalog of the International Decorative Art Biennale, Chisinau 2022 for free.

Delivery costs will be borne by the participant.

The participants assume the following:

Compliance with all conditions of participation.

Sending all the materials requested by the organizers.

Compliance with the exhibition calendar.

The participation form, the color photos of the works (in jpg format, 300dpi/inch) and the photo of the author (.jpg) will be sent with the note "BIAD" by e-mail: ad.uap.md@gmail.com   or by post: C. Brâncuşi Exhibition Center of UAP RM, Ştefan cel Mare si Sfânt, 3, Chişinău, MD-2001.



The organizing committee of the International Decorative Art Biennale, Chisinau 2022

Project coordinator - Iurie Cebotari, President of the Decorative Art Section, Union of Artists of the Republic of Moldova,  mobile: +373 69230162, email: iuriicebotari@gmail.com;

Exhibition curator - Elena Frunze, head of the Department of Decorative Arts and Sculpture AMTAP, member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Moldova mobile: +373 69180179; +37379131414, email: frunzeelena81@gmail.com;

 Ala Leancă-Lupu - member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Moldova, mobile: +373 069800886, email: alaleanca@gmail.com;

Oleg Dobrovolschi - member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Moldova, mobile: +373 069954957, email: olegdobrovolschi@gmail.com;

For additional information: the official website of Union Artists of the Republic of Moldova www.arta.md email: uap.rmd@gmail.com;  www.arta.md@gmail.com

FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/1037079183003610/

FB https://www.facebook.com/uapmoldova



Application form (annex 1)

I hereby declare that I am the exclusive author of the artworks over which I have unlimited rights as an author, unaffected by the rights of any third party. I agree with the Regulations of the International Decorative Art Biennale, Chisinau 2022. I give my consent to the utilizing of my personal data and my artworks by the organizers of the contest in the way specified in the Biennale regulations 2022. (According to the Law Nr. 133 / 08.07.2011 about the protection of personal data)

I agree to make available to this event, throughout its duration, the work with which I am participating.

 I agree with the processing of personal data.

I agree / I do not agree with the entry of contact data in the catalog (delete or remove the redundant word).


Date:                                                                   Signature:

Short biographical information

Date of birth:
Relevant exhibitions:
Works in public collections (in details):
Works in private collections (only countries):
Phone number:


Artworks submitted to the exhibition:




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